So This is How Liberty Dies…

When You Are Told to Choose Your Friends More Wisely While Many of Them are Being Web-mobbed

NTU House of Cards

It all began when I was about to graduate from university. Since then, my previous university has been playing house of cards for nearly a year.

How Colleagues Turned into Bitter Rivals

But of those who did stand up and protest the decision made by the ministry of education, members from the department of Chinese literature was the most active. The department even made an announcement to denounce the ministry of education during their meeting!
(Of course there was no say for students in these kinds of meetings. That is the kind of autonomy students were supposed to help their professors defend.)

How the Other Side of Voice was Demonized

The first story was already a tragic, but there was another friend of mine who suffered more.

Sincere Advice: Don’t Get into the Trouble…

When my second friend was being web-mobbed, I expected some of the school’s media clubs to react.

“You should befriend with those who are appropriate to befriend with, and talk to those who are appropriate to talk to.”

The advice might not mean to be harmful, but that tone of voice that blame the victim first was still quite shocking, especially when the message was delivered in a group that was supposed to promote media literacy.

Some Final Thoughts and Alas

Some people say this is merely a political issue. The governing party doesn’t want to let Taida have a principal with rivalry political views.

Was I right to ask them to enter the arena of campus politics? Do all of this worth the price?

It is just so unfair. Those who devote the most to public welfare selflessly are mocked and have to apologize for any “misleading” content from their own personal account, and those who bully others physically or in the online world can always get away with it.

A Taiwanese student who studied Renewable Energy in Freiburg. Now studying smart distribution grids / energy systems in Trondheim.